Jeff Epp dressed up as the Mad Hatter

Have I gone mad?

Nope, it's just an old picture from a Halloween get together. But if I were, I'll tell you a secret...All the best people are!

I’m the youngest sibling in a boys only family and was born and raised in one of Canada’s southernmost towns, Harrow... A beautiful place to grow (at least that’s what the sign says).


Like every young budding artist, I began my early developmental art with sidewalk chalk and a cul-de-sac full of pavement as my drawing board. Since colouring in-between the lines was a cinch and my creativity was uncapped by my childhood. I continued to sketch and create characters that filled my imagination and entertained my personality.

Fast forward a few years, I'm still creating and I teach Character & Background Art at a local college. If you see me, I'll most likely be with my sketchbook in hand or with my iPad doing digital plein air paintings.  I love designing stories from bygone era’s long long ago.  I’m all for the quote, "It’s not how good you are, but rather how Great you want to be". 


"He recycles all his old art, so he's sustainable that way"

- Karen Fields

"He sharpens his pencils like a Samurai Warrior"

- J.A. Henkelman 

"He gave me pencils for Halloween, best treat ever"

- Jack Lantern

"I've never seen anyone colour inside the lines like him, inspiring!"

- Ed Binley

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